Section of Administration Affairs


Name Hsu, Li-Ling / 徐莉玲
  1. Managing confidential documents.
  2. Assisting director of Secretariat Office in various businesses.
  3. Handling approval of official documents.
  4. Receiving and assigning hard-copy documents.
  5. Supervising university meetings.
  6. Organizing Administrative Committee on Coordination.
  7. Managing affairs related to laws and regulations.
  8. Composing manuscripts.
  9. Collecting education laws and regulations.
  10. Managing content and mid-term evaluation of university development plan.
  11. Dealing with affairs related to university evaluation.
  12. Assisting academic departments in quality control affairs.
  13. Editing the latest version of university development plan.

Telephone number 04-26318652#1136
Fax 04-26310744
Job title Section Director
Substitute Staff Huang,Ya-Wen

Lin, Shu-E


Name Hsiu-Tzu Lai/ 賴秀慈
  1. Assisting vice President Chang in various businesses.
  2. Handing official document system of Secretariat Office.
  3. Managing regulations database.
  4. Dealing with bank check official seal.
  5. Managing internal document management (including internal control committee).
  6. Providing administration assistance to affiliated institutions.
  7. Maintaining the operation and effectiveness of ISO system.
  8. Assisting in internal auditing.
  9. Editing hierarchical accountability charts.
  10. Managing affairs related to personal information privacy risks of Secretariat Office.
  11. Managing website of Secretariat Office.
  12. Handling simplification of administrative procedures.
Telephone number 04-26318652#1137
Fax 04-26310744
Job title Senior Clerk
Substitute Staff Eve Lai

Shih, Chu-Ting



Name Lin, Shu-E / 林淑娥
  1. Assisting vice president Wang in various business.
  2. Assisting Director of General Planning Office Paul Lin and consultant Lin.
  3. Reviewing agreements by administrative offices and academic departments.
  4. Managing affairs related to Board Meeting.
  5. Handling university’s anniversary celebration event.
  6. Coordinating guests’ visits.
  7. Managing gifts, office’s cash flow, budget and assets.
  8. Coordinating semi-annual management-level administrators’ advancement workshop.
Telephone number 04-26318652#1134
Fax 04-26310744
Job title  Senior Clerk
Substitute Staff KO,NI-CHEN

Hsiu-Tzu Lai



Name Shih, Chu-Ting/ 石筑婷
  1. Assisting vice president Hu in various businesses.
  2. Handling document businesses.
  3. In charging of university seals.
  4. Managing affairs related to University Council representative selection.
  5. Organizing University Council.
  6. Reporting to Ministry of Education and Department of Technological and Vocational Education.
Telephone number 04-26318652#1116
Fax 04-26310744
Job title Associate Clerk
Substitute Staff Lin, Shu-E




Name KO,NI-CHEN/ 柯霓蓁
  1. Assisting President in various businesses.
  2. Managing university affairs opinions.
  3. Managing mailboxes of President and Secretariat Office.
  4. Managing content and mid-term evaluation of university development plan.
  5. Organizing Higher Education Sprout Project (I-1).
  6. Organizing university affairs development committee meeting.
  7. Organizing university development planning and risk assessment meeting.
Telephone number 04-26318652#1110
Job title Associate Clerk
Substitute Staff Lai, Hsiu-Tzu

Eve Lai


Name Eve Lai/ 賴慧雯
  1. Assisting vice president Pan in various businesses.
  2. Receiving and assigning official documents.
  3. Organizing monthly administration meetings.
  4. Supervising part-timers.
  5. Handling affairs regarding teacher evaluation.
  6. Managing school database.
  7. Editing academic calendar.
  8. Handling matters related to intellectual property rights.
  9. Compiling school annual report.
  10. Organizing inter-school meetings or events.
Telephone number 04-26318652#1126
Job title Senior Clerk
Substitute Staff Shih, Chu-Ting

Lin, Shu-E